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Alexandra Dobre - A Visionary Force at Pitti Uomo 2024

Alexandra Dobre is a highly anticipated designer for Pitti Uomo editions because of her magnetic presence and unique style. She combines elegance and sophistication in every appearance, leaving an irreplaceable mark on the womenswear industry.


Focused on breaking the stereotypes of suits, she manages to harmoniously and elegantly blend elements of men's and women's fashion, resulting in a timeless and elegant style loved by all fashion enthusiasts. She knows how important personal style is in everyday life and how every personal touch you add to your clothing represents you in the world, which is why she tours international trunk shows to give women everywhere the chance to create their dream suit.

Last year, Alexandra had an outstanding success with the trunk show in the United States. She met strong women who embrace the timeless style of women's suits in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. This experience took her creations to another level, where her vision met the demands of her clients. The result was innovative and passionate. Trunk shows are the next step in the custom costume industry and mark the beginning of a long creative process, and Alexandra manages to seamlessly blend custom costumes in any part of the world.

Alexandra Dobre made her eleventh appearance at Pitti Uomo, showcasing pieces from the new collection with meticulous attention to her outfits for an outstanding presence. Alexandra's passion for fashion and authentic vision shines through in every collection she creates. She is dedicated to innovation, exploring new textures, colors, and materials to ensure each garment tells a unique story. Additionally, she is attentive to the sustainability of materials, always looking for the finest textiles that offer both durability and environmental friendliness. As time goes by, Alexandra's impact on the fashion industry grows stronger, proving her talent for captivating and pleasing both fans and professionals.

To stay informed about upcoming trunk show locations and have the chance to design a costume that fits you perfectly, follow Alexandra's official website and social media accounts, including her personal Instagram, the brand's Instagram, and TikTok. There, you can observe her creative process and discover new information about upcoming collections and future Trunk Shows. For those interested in wearing Alexandra's designs, her official website,, offers a convenient way to explore and order her ready-to-wear collections internationally.

Alexandra Dobre continues to impress at Pitti Uomo. The fashion world eagerly awaits the unveiling of her new collection in 2024 and the upcoming cities for Trunk Shows. With meticulous planning, a confident attitude, and exceptional designs, Alexandra establishes an unforgettable presence not only at this renowned fashion event but also in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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