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Break the stereotypes: masculine + feminine mix & match fits

We live in a society where gender stereotypes it’s still a big thing. It’s well known that if you’re a woman, you’re expected to speak, dress and behave in a certain way. You can be either the “sweet and gentle”, the “girl next door” types, or the submissive one. The society nowadays often expects women to only look good, without expressing their thoughts or standing out. We do not agree with these stereotypes at all, especially in terms of fashion. Women should get to wear whatever they want, whenever they want! For today’s post, we intend to break the stereotypes: masculine + feminine mix & match fits ideas. 

If you’re wondering “how can I pull off a masculine-feminine style?”, you’re right about to find out. Hare are a few styling suggestions for when you feel like bringing out your masculine side.

Leather jacket and dress

There’s nothing more stylish than this combination of materials. A plain black biker jacket it’s definitely a staple in every person's closet. You can pair it with a bunch of clothing items such as: jeans, skirts, hoodies, sweats and even with fancy dresses. By combining leather jacket and dress it is obtained a unique contrast between feminine and masculine pieces. 

Male-inspired suit

Who says suits should only be worn by men? You don't need a sober context to wear a suit as a woman, especially one with pants. Besides, tailoring for women is for sure not going out of style this season. This trend fits perfectly with the present boom in women's emancipation movement.

If you’re looking for luxury and high quality suits for women you can check out Alexandra Dobre tailoring. 


Oversized shirt

The oversized shirt, especially a white one, is a total must. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you want to wear something as light as possible. However, it’s a great choice for cold season layering. You can wear it button up accessorized with a tie, a bow or suspenders etc. You can also wear it button down with a crop top or a lace bralette underneath. Be creative, on the internet you can find plenty of ways to wear an oversized shirt. 

That’s it for today’s post. Stay tuned for more fashion inspiration! Until next time, don’t forget to break the gender stereotypes! You can wear whatever makes your heart happy, regardless of height, weight or gender! And no one can tell you otherwise. Just be yourself!

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