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Meet our star: Magnetic Elegance Collection

Hi, elegant ladies! In order to reward your loyalty and appreciation for our creations, today we are pleased to introduce you to our new all-season collection! So, get ready to meet our star: Magnetic Elegance Collection! We guarantee that you will no doubt be mesmerized by this Alexandra Dobre’s designs!


We often hear things like “women are weak and humble beings” or “women can’t wear that, it’s not feminine”. We strongly disagree with this attitude and we're here to prove the opposite. Magnetic Elegance Collection is inspired by true infinite power that women hold. That’s why we thought of translating this belief into our new collection of clothes. 

Other keywords that could describe this collection excellently are: 

  • power; 
  • fearless; 
  • desire; 
  • showstopper; 
  • exquisite;
  • prestige;
  • alluring. 


Our brand new stunning collection provides 25 fashion products, including:

  • 21 distinguished suits;
  • 4 bold leather creations. 

Further, by going into details, you can discover 5 different subcategories of the collection, based on material, color or pattern:

  • Ideal Collection (patterns);
  • Ebony Collection (all-black);
  • Sepia Collection (nude shades);
  • Rich Collection (bold colorful shades); 
  • Thriller Collection (leather creations).

As for the composition of the suits, the collection provides sets consisting of 2 (blazer and pants) or 3 pieces (blazer, pants and waistcoat). And in terms of cut, suits are available in Single Breasted option, yet Double Breasted option, along with other precious aesthetic details. 

The leather - crafted items needs to be taken into consideration, too! The collection includes a trench coat, a jacket and 2 types of leather blazers. Therefore, we invite you to inspire others by wearing Alexandra Dobre’s leather creations!

Composition and other details

The entire Magnetic Elegance Collection’ items are tailored in Italy, mainly from pure wool and leather, showing an impressive high quality.

With reference to sizing, we are talking about sizes (EU) from 34 (XS) up to 44 (XXL). 

Stay tuned for more information about the ground lounching date. For more details about the Magnetic Elegance Collection or other products, do not hesitate to check out our website! Until then, don’t forget to be “as timeless as gold, as priceless as a true elegant woman”!

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